The demand for tickets is extremely high and, although we can’t guarantee that everyone will get tickets, we’re here to help you increase your chances of getting tickets on the big day with our FAQs.
Want to increase your chances of being at a U2 show in October/November? Take note, read carefully and you could be walking away with U2 tickets on Friday 2nd February



➤How/where can I buy tickets on Friday 2nd February?
Tickets will go on sale from the following locations:
3Arena, Dublin – A limited number of General Admission (standing) ONLY tickets will go onsale from the venue @ 9am.

Please also note that there is no queuing permitted at Dublin’s 3Arena prior to 8am due to heavy local construction. 

The SSE Arena, Belfast – A limited number of General Admission (standing) ONLY tickets will go onsale from the venue @ 9am


➤Venue purchases can only be made with a Credit or Debit card. The card that you use to make the purchase will be used for entry to the venue on the evening of the show – see information on ‘Card entry ticketing’ below.
You will be requested to provide a Mobile Phone number to receive SMS confirmation of your purchase.

➤www.ticketmaster.ie – Fans can purchase all available tickets on the Ticketmaster website from 9am.

What time can people start queuing at either The SSE Arena, Belfast or 3Arena, Dublin to buy tickets?
Please also note that there is no queuing permitted at Dublin’s 3Arena prior to 8am due to heavy local construction. 

Will Ticket Outlets have any tickets for sale?


With the announcement of 2 additional Dublin dates for U2 on 10th & 11th November comes the news that outlets will now be selling RESERVED SEATS only – NO STANDING (as the standing section is paperless).

General Admission (standing) tickets are Card Entry – what does this mean?
•    Fans buying floor sections will not receive a physical ticket. Think of the card used to make the purchase as your ticket. When you arrive at the venue, the venue staff will swipe your card at the doors and admit you to the standing section.
•    Regular ticket holders must also present a valid govt issued photo ID for the purchaser only.
•    Card Entry tickets are not transferrable. You cannot buy a Card Entry ticket as a gift for someone else. You can only buy a Card Entry ticket if you (the card holder) will be attending the event in person. If you buy 2 Card Entry tickets, your companion must enter at the same time as you.
•    There are NO EXCEPTIONS to these rules.

I am buying a Card Entry ticket and my card expires between purchase and the date of the show …
That’s fine, you bring the card used to make the purchase, regardless of whether its expired or not.

Will it be difficult to obtain tickets to these events?
We anticipate that demand will far exceed supply.

What can I expect when I log on to the Ticketmaster website on the morning of the sale?
There will be a queuing system on the website. If you are placed in to a virtual queue, please be patient and follow the on-screen instructions. If you are in a queue and refresh your browser, you will lose your place. Do not open multiple windows on your web browser.

What age restrictions apply to tickets?
3 Arena, Dublin : Under 16's must be accompanied by an adult over 18 at all times. No under 14s in the standing area.
The SSE Arena, Belfast: Under 14's should be accompanied by an adult over 18 at all times.  No under 14s in the standing area.

Where can I buy accessible tickets?
For accessible tickets, please contact the below directly:
•  3 Arena, Dublin: (ROI) 0818 903 001, for (NI &UK) 03333219996  and for (International) 00353 818 903 001 Select Option 2.
• The SSE Arena, Belfast: (NI &UK) 03333219996 (International) 00353 818 903 001.  Select Option 2

How many tickets can I buy?
There will be a ticket limit of 2 tickets per person, per card and postal address on Fan pre-sales and 4 tickets on the public sale.
Multiple bookings may be cancelled.

What will tickets cost?
•3 Arena, Dublin: 5th + 6th November 2018.
Seated/Standing: €39.05 - €201 + fees

•The SSE Arena, Belfast: 27th October 2018
Seated/Standing: £38.00 - £185.00 + fees
*** Prices are subject to change! ***

➤Useful Tips for buying tickets online!
•    If you do not currently have a Ticketmaster account please set one up in advance of tickets going on sale. All details can be found here: https://www.ticketmaster.ie/member 
•    Before tickets go on sale, log-in to “My Account”
•    Make sure your credit or debit card details are valid and up to date.
•    Please note that Maestro cards cannot be used to purchase your tickets:
•    If you have 3D secure set-up for your MasterCard or Verify by Visa for your Visa card then make sure you know your password!
•    Please ensure that you select the correct country for your billing and delivery addresses e.g. If your billing address is Northern Ireland then you must select your delivery method as Northern Ireland also. You cannot save your billing address as Great Britain and select delivery to Northern Ireland. You will receive an error message.


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