What are Platinum Tickets? Platinum Tickets are some of the best available tickets to concerts and other events made available by artists and event providers through Ticketmaster. They give fans fair and safe access to some of the best seats in the house.


Are Platinum Tickets resale tickets? No. Platinum Tickets were not purchased initially and then posted for resale; they are being sold for the first time through Ticketmaster Platinum. Ticketmaster Platinum enables market-based pricing (adjusting prices per supply and demand) for live event tickets, like how airline tickets and hotel rooms are sold. The goal is to give the most passionate fans fair and safe access to the best tickets, while enabling artists and other people involved in staging live events to price tickets closer to their true value.


Why can't I buy Platinum Tickets for certain events? Currently Platinum Tickets are not available for all events. Be sure to check Ticketmaster often as new events are continually being added.


How are my tickets delivered? Depending on the event, Ticketmaster Platinum offers box office collection, standard post and/or secure post delivery options.


What is the Current Price per ticket? The price you pay is the original price of the ticket. Platinum Tickets were not purchased initially and then posted for resale; they are being sold for the first time through Ticketmaster Platinum on behalf of the artist or event provider. Other amounts or fees may also be included in the Current Price, or may be added on top of the Current Price. If additional amounts are added on top of the Current Price, they will be displayed on the website before you complete your purchase.


Are there any other elements included with my Platinum Tickets purchase? Typically, there are no additional elements to a Ticketmaster Platinum Ticket purchase such as hospitality or merchandise. Please contact us in advance of making a purchase if you require any further information or clarification.


As with all purchases with Ticketmaster, we are unable to offer a refund or exchange once a booking is confirmed unless the event is cancelled.


When are my tickets going to be dispatched? Ticketmaster Platinum aims to post all tickets within 7-10 days of the event date, unless stated otherwise at the time of your booking. If you have not received your tickets within 48 hours of the event, please contact customer service as soon as possible. Irish and UK Mail Customers - If you have selected delivery through standard post, please allow 7- 10 days. Some types of tickets have posting restrictions, including: International Mail Customers - If we can't post the tickets to you in time, delivery through the post will not be an option in the booking process, and international customers will be asked to pick up tickets at the box office.


Can I change my delivery address after booking? How do I change the address on a previous booking? To change the billing address to which your tickets are due to be sent to you must contact us at the earliest possible convenience with the last 4 digits on your card used for purchase, your order number and proof of new address as a bank statement or utility bill so we may put a hold on your tickets being dispatched to the wrong address.


Why can't I see my Platinum orders in My Ticketmaster? You will not be able to see your Ticketmaster Platinum orders in the My Ticketmaster section of the Ticketmaster site. Please refer to your confirmation email for event details or contact us with questions.


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19 May 2014
Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Buy Miley Cyrus
20 May 2014
The O2, Dublin
Buy         One Direction
24 May 2014
Croke Park, Dublin
Buy One Direction
25 May 2014
Croke Park, Dublin
Buy         The Eagles
4 June 2014
The O2, Dublin
Buy The Eagles
6 June 2014
The O2, Dublin
Buy The Eagles
7 June 2014
The O2, Dublin
Buy         Robbie Williams
13 June 2014
Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Buy Robbie Williams
14 June 2014
Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Buy         Van Morrison
27 July 2014
Slieve Donnard, Newcastle
Buy Van Morrison
28 July 2014
Slieve Donnard, Newcastle
Buy         Lady Gaga
17 October 2014
Slieve Donnard, Newcastle
Buy         Kylie
8 November 2014
The O2, Dublin
Buy Kylie
9 November 2014
Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Buy         Michael Bublé
11 December 2014
Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Buy Michael Bublé
12 December 2014
Odyssey Arena, Belfast
Buy Michael Bublé
13 December 2014
Odyssey Arena, Belfast


What is eTicket delivery?

·If eTicket delivery is available on your event, you will be able to choose how you wish to view your tickets.  You can print at home when logged in via your desktop/laptop or view and present them for entry at the venue on your mobile device via the Ticketmaster mobile website or Ticketmaster app.  You can also bookmark your mobile web ticket.

Where do I select eTicket delivery?

·The eTicket option will be displayed along with other delivery options when it is available.  Note that eTicket delivery will not be available for every event.

What if the barcode does not scan at the venue?

·All mobile tickets display a 2D barcode with 17 digits. In the event that a venue scanner cannot read your mobile ticket, you will be referred to the Box Office for physical tickets to be issued.


Will the scanners at venues work through phone screen covers?

•Yes - there should be no issue using a phone that has a clear screen protector.

Is there anything I need to do when I get to the venue to scan my mobile?

•Make sure the backlight on the phone is set nice and bright. Scanners work much better with a bright  screen and it will save time at the venue entrance changing this if the ticket won't scan.

What happens if I lose/change my phone?

•You can still choose to use the Print-at-Home (TicketfastÒ) option by logging into your My Ticketmaster  account and print off your tickets.

What information displays on the back of my mobile ticket?

1.Venue address

2.Event text

3.Order number


5.Ticket type

6.Grand total

7.Event code

8.Event host

What will happen if the barcode is sent to a non-smartphone?

•You will not be able to view the ticket. In this instance you may view the Print-at-Home (TicketfastÒ) ticket on your desktop computer via the link in your confirmation email and print your barcoded ticket, or visit the Box Office on the day of the event to have a  physical ticket printed.

Do all members in my booking have to arrive together if I have selected eTicket delivery?

·Yes, all members in your booking must arrive together as scanning will be conducted on your (the purchaser’s) mobile device.

What happens if I forget my phone or my battery dies at the venue?

·If you find yourself at the venue and are unable to access your ticket on your mobile phone, please visit the Box  Office. You will need to provide some form of ID so that the Box Office staff can access your Ticketmaster account details.


Using your Ticketmaster iPHONE app


1- Tap My Tickets at the bottom of  the home screen

2- Scroll to your event then tap View Tickets next to  the order number

3- Tap on the  symbol  on the right hand side multiple tickets will  display beneath each other. 

4- Your barcode will display. Hold it up to the scanner At the venue for entry.  If you have more than one ticket, swipe from left to right to get to the next  barcode.



Using your Ticketmaster android app

1- Tap My Orders at the top of the home screen

2- Scroll to find your event

3- Tap on the order number directly below the event details.

4-Tap on the  symbol on the right hand side multiple tickets will display beneath each other. 

5- Your barcode will display Hold it up to the scanner At the venue for entry.  If you have more than one ticket, swipe from left toright. to get to the next barcode


 Using the Ticketmaster mobile website

1- Tap the Menu button at the top of the screen next to the Ticketmaster logo.

2- Tap the My Account menu option.

3- Scroll through My Orders to find the event.  Tap on the symbol on the far right.

4- Your ticket will appear.  If there are multiple tickets to be scanned, they will appear underneath each other.  Tap on the symbol to view the barcode

5- Your barcode will appear. Hold it up to the scanner at the venue for entry.  If you have more than one ticket, swipe from right to left to get to the next barcode.



Ed Sheeran has announced 7 dates in Ireland in May 2018 Cork – Pairc UÍ Chaoimh 4 & 5 May Belfast –  Boucher Playing Fields 9 May Galway – Pearse Stadium 12 & 13 May Dublin – Phoenix Park 16 & 18 May


Ed Sheeran – May 2018 – FAQs

My tickets say PITCH/GA and give a Row & Seat?

All tickets are given a row & seat number for inventory purposes. Standing tickets will say PITCH or GA.


Q: What are the age restrictions?

A: Under 18s must be accompanied by an adult of 18+. We advise parents with small children to purchase seated tickets where possible.


Q: What do I do if my parent buys me a ticket on their card and they do not wish to attend the show?

A: Please purchase tickets in the cardholder’s name and on the day of the show please provide the attending party with the credit card, or a photocopy/photo of the card used at the time of booking. You will also need to bring along a valid ID to reflect family name.


Q: How can I purchase wheelchair/accessible seating tickets?

A: Wheelchair/accessible seating tickets will be available for all 4 venues, to purchase tickets for these areas please call Ticketmaster on:

0818 903 001 (Republic of Ireland)

03333219996 (From UK or Northern Ireland)

00353 818 903 001 (International)


Q: What are the entry requirements?

A: For tickets purchased online: To gain access to the concert you are required to bring your tickets along with the purchasing credit card or a photo/photocopy of the credit card and a valid form of ID to reflect family name.

For tickets purchased in outlets: Whether you have paid by cash or credit card your name will be printed on your tickets and you will be required to bring valid ID, or a photocopy, to gain access to the show.


When will we receive our tickets?

There are no eTickets or ‘’print-at-home’’ tickets. There will be physical printed tickets sent out in the weeks prior to the show. You will not receive your tickets until the spring of 2018 at the earliest.

If you purchased tickets for a gift you can creat a Gift Receipt here

** We caution fans to beware of fraudulent and invalid tickets and websites. Fans are strongly advised NOT to purchase tickets via ANY secondary sellers or ANY unofficial source. **


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